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August 18, 2015
Watch your business grow with iRent ERP. Monitor your business with the new Charts and Graphs directly linked to the invoice module.

July 7, 2015
More about side brackets (hopups) to help a scaffold business.
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June 12, 2015
iScaf 6.5 released today !
We have just added the feature that allows mixed side bracket sizes (hop ups) on any side of any bay. This includes all the different size corner filler component combinations (1x2L, 1x2R, 2x3L, 2x3R, 1x3L, 1x3R,etc.)

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iScaf now shows the plan design with a more “solid” drawing. You have the option of showing more thickness to the ledgers. You can now see the Ringlock/Layher style “rosette”; Kwikstage “v-pressing”; or the Cuplock “cup”. This is all part of our improved drawing presentation.

iRent ERP & iScaf new features for 2015

Here is the short list of the new features added so far in 2015

iRent ERP - Inventory
Comprehensive forecasting: System to manage your inventory and bookings
Master Orders: Allow you to handle large orders which can be split in to multiple pick tickets or delivery dockets. It will allow you to book the material as part of the forecasting feature and view the status of each order.
Historical Job Balances: Choose any date and show the Inventory Job Balance at that date.
Automatic email: Email Dockets, Invoices, Quotes and Picking slips to your clients. Simply add email addresses to your Customers in customer master screen.
Item location report: Not just a Job Balance report; this is a nicely presented report has been added to the Jobs & Balances screen to show an individual item balance per yard and including all jobs which have outstanding balances of that item.

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iRent ERP - Invoicing
Weight: Item billing rate per tonne or weight billing is now available! Print a detailed or summary invoice for the mining and industrial industries.
Mixed invoices: You can mix weight billing with normal billing on the same invoice.
Price Tables: For all methods of Item Billing, iRent can now allow for a change to a rate code on a job and give the option to update the pricing on existing material for that job. The price changes can be made effective from any date. This is very useful for rate price changes or global price increases in the system to give full user control over pricing.
Rates Utility: This feature allows you to globally copy rates or selectively increase and decrease rates for different branches.

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April 10, 2015
Please note that since January 2014, all our products use an activation system for license control. We no longer use the dongle or hardware lock type system. This has been very well received and we will continue this approach. If your business still uses the old hardware lock system, we will still provide support but we recommend that you upgrade.

February 25, 2015
iRent ERP is now used in a number of industrial sites. This has resulted from the capability in the software to handle an unlimited number of Scaffold Tags per Project and the ability to store detailed information about each Scaffold Tag as well as track inventory and invoice by scaffold Tag.

January 28, 2015
7 New Videos have been added to our iScaf 6 web portal. Please contact us for login.

iScaf 6

Our latest software which will enable you to draw Plan, Elevation, and 3D Drawings of your scaffold
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iQuote is a full featured quotations management system for the Scaffolding industry.
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iRent ERP - Inventory

iRent ERP - Inventory is a full featured invoicing system for the Scaffolding industry

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