iRent Classic

iRent Classic Features

  • Invoicing (Invoices which are accurate and easy to understand)
  • Order Processing (Online Pick Tickets and Delivery Dockets)
  • Inventory (iRent Classic provides accurate inventory information)
  • Job Details (iRent Classic provides all job information at your fingertips)
  • Damages (damages and shortages when items are returned)
  • Reports (iRent Classic offers more than just Customer, Job and Inventory reports)
  • Languages (Screen and Report Terminology is user customizable)
  • iQuery (The powerful iQuery Report Writer)
  • Ease of Use (IntelliMenu)

iRent Classic – Invoicing Features

iRent Classic – Order Processing

Online Pick Tickets and Delivery Dockets.

  • Delivery and Return tickets can be customized. Or choose from one of our 10 existing layouts.
  • Single entry processing where delivery tickets are entered once and are then automatically fed into inventory & billing modules.
  • Ability to import from Scaftech’s iScaf quotation software.
  • Yard picking tickets.
  • Delivery and Return tickets can be customized. Or choose from one of our 10 existing layouts.
  • Sale or Consumable items can appear on the delivery tickets together with rental items (which can be invoiced).
  • Ability to enter damaged/lost item information with the return including the amount to charge the customer. This can then be invoiced.
  • Return count sheet can be generated for better yard management.
  • Digital images (electronic photographs) can be stored with returns.
  • Large orders can be split up into seperate pick tickets and backorders.
  • Weight calculations.
  • Direct Job to Job transfers can now be performed.

iRent Classic – Inventory

iRent Classic provides accurate inventory information.

iRent Classic – Job Details

iRent Classic provides all job information at your fingertips.

  • Allows for an unlimited number of Jobs per Customer and Jobs per Site.
  • Invoicing is performed by Job either one at a time or in “Batch” mode.
  • Billing methods and minimum rental can be changed for each Job.
  • On-line Job balances. Tracking of where Items are as well as what is on each Customer Site.
  • Recording of all movements on Job/Site. Delivery/Return summary information by item, forecasted return date.
  • Provides Billing Information by Customer or Job.
  • Job History information.

iRent Classic – Damages and Losses

iRent Classic solves the unique problem of damages and shortages when items are returned. Efficient and easy handling of these shortages make sure that your inventory quantities are updated correctly and the correct amounts are invoiced when required.

The return for every inventory item allows you to optionally enter three “Special” types of returns.

iRent Classic – Reports

  • iRent Classic offers more than just Customer, Job and Inventory reports.
  • Sales Analysis reporting of revenue by Customer and Job for any period of time. i.e.. monthly, quarterly, YTD.
  • Customer analysis reporting showing percentage breakdown of total revenue by customer.
  • Item revenue reports.
  • Item utilization reports.
  • Sales commissions reports.
  • Returns forecasting reports.
  • OVER 100 reports.
  • Export capabilities
  • Some exports can be customised by the user with the iRent Classic Report Editor

iRent Classic – Languages

Screen and Report Terminology is user customizable using the translation utility. One of the powerful features of iRent Classic is the ability for each customer to change all screens and reports to use terms applicable to their region. For example, if you don’t like the word “Picking Slip” you can change it to “Pick Ticket”. Every field on every screen and report can be altered to reflect the terminology that you prefer to use within your organization. Date formats are windows customizable.

iRent Classic – iQuery

Scaffolding Software incorporates into all its applications, the powerful iQuery Report Writer (IQ). IQ is a relational Query-by-Example report writer that provides End Users with an easy to use interface for producing reports. Some of the features of IQ include:

  • Dictionary driven.
  • Field names are displayed as English descriptions – not database names
  • Records can be output to Spreadsheets (Excel, Lotus etc.)
  • Records can be output to Mail-Merge files or Mailing labels
  • Reports may be previewed before printing
  • Data can be extracted from multiple files in the one report
  • Users can select fields to group by and provide subtotals as well as averages, totals, counts etc.
  • An SQL dialog helps users prepare queries and build filters such as : JOBNUMBER = “ABC01” and AMOUNT >= $1000

iRent Classic – Ease of Use


Scaffolding Software’s experience with developing systems has identified that most users use only a small number of screens on a daily basis, depending on their job function.

Scaffolding Software’s proprietary IntelliMenu system provides the user with the ability to customize the main menu so that his/her most frequently used functions are always displayed on the main menu. This provides an easy push button facility for each user to access his/her most frequently used screens.

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