iRent ERP Inventory

Comprehensive forecasting: System to manage your inventory, bookings and future orders.

Master Orders: Allow you to handle large orders which can be split in to multiple pick tickets or delivery dockets. It will allow you to book the material as part of the forecasting feature and view the status of each order.

Historical Job Balances: Choose any date and show the Inventory Job Balance at that date.

Automatic email: Email Dockets, Invoices, Quotes and Picking slips to your clients. Simply add email addresses to your Customers in customer master screen.

Item location report: Not just a Job Balance report; this is a nicely presented report has been added to the Jobs & Balances screen to show an individual item balance per yard and including all jobs which have outstanding balances of that item.

Custom Views

iRent allows you to add and remove fields, sort or group your data & move and resize columns. Each individual user or administrator can save their view as if they are writing their own reports. These can then be printed or export to PDF or Excel.

Industrial Sites

For industrial sites, iRent can handle an unlimited number of Scaffold Tags per Project and has the ability to store detailed custom information about each Scaffold Tag. You can track the inventory and invoice by individual Scaffold Tag.

Delivery to and from an unlimited number of major projects by using laydown yards to manage jobs and Scaffold Tags.

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System Requirements for iRent Server or Workstation

Operating System Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10
CPU Type 64 Bit or 32 Bit
Memory 4 GB (8 GB or greater highly recommended)
Display Resolution 1024×768 (1600×1050 or higher recommended) with True Color
Display Card Windows display adapter capable of 1024×768 with True Color capabilities. DirectX® 9 or DirectX 11 compliant card recommended but not required.
Disk Space Installation 6.0 GB
Pointing Device MS-Mouse compliant device
Browser Windows Internet Explorer® 9.0 (or later)

iRent ERP - Inventory - Screen Shots

Enter your Assets

Show the Master List of your Assets

Purchase your inventory

Enter your rental rates

Manage your stock items over an unlimited number of Branches and Yards

Enter Customers

Enter Projects

For each Project, Include an unlimited number of job/stages

For each Job, search or list all the deliveries and returns

Enter deliveries and returns

Show the balance of items on each job

Show the balance of items and the full Audit Trail of transactions

Print the balance of items on each job. Export to PDF or XLSS

Handle your Re-Rent or Cross-Hire

Receive Re-Rent items

View Re-Rent by supplier

View Utilisation for all the separate yards

View Utilisation for each item for all the separate yards in all your branches

Print a Consolidated Utilisation report across the entire company