iScaf 8.1

“iScaf” is our latest software which will enable you to draw Plan, Elevation, and 3D Drawings of your scaffold. The required components are counted for you – quickly and automatically. It can be integrated with the other iRent modules.

“iScaf” allows you to provide detailed Plan, Elevation and 3D colour drawings with your estimates and quotes. The output is perfect for scaffolders on-site, providing them with the assurance that they know exactly what is required to build. It is also a perfect demonstration tool, allowing you to show your clients just what you can do for them.

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iQuote is a full featured quotation management system for the Scaffolding industry. This is the first point of entry for your scaffold quotes which allows you to store and print professional quote or tender documents for your clients. It will assist in Job Costing because all your labour, rental and transport budgets will be stored in iQuote.

This module acts as a sophisticated CRM specific for your scaffold business. To start off, you create a project and link it to a client prospect where the project can contain an unlimited number of stages with hire, rental, labour, transport and sundries.

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iRent ERP Inventory

“iRent ERP – Inventory” is a comprehensive inventory control system for scaffolding, formwork and temporary fencing.

Keep track of all your material in your all your yards and all your Job Sites.  Create delivery and return dockets (tickets).  Print full utilisation reports for all your material at individual yards, consolidated by branch and company wide.  Comprehensive Re-Rent/Cross-Hire system.  Transfer Material between yards.  Transfer Material directly from job to job.

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iRent ERP Invoicing

iRent ERP – Invoicing is a full featured invoicing system for the Scaffolding industry which allows you to create progress claim invoices for your clients. This system is very unique to the scaffold industry which allows you to track the progress of any scaffold Project by area and stage.

You can invoice rental, labour, transport, sales and sundry items by percentage of job completion, date range or fixed amount. iRent ERP – Invoicing can keep track of your day labour and job variations.

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iRent Classic

“iRent Classic” is our entry level scaffold management tool trusted by hundreds of businesses worldwide. It is designed to handle Delivery Tickets, Billing, Job Control, Inventory Control and Sales Analysis. iRent Classic can be purchased with or without iQuote.

Although iRent Classic is designed for the scaffolding industry, it can greatly benefit any company which delivers and returns large quantities of items. iRent Classic is more suited to a company which has account customers to be invoiced by job. iRent Classic also has a sales, contracting and manual invoicing system.

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